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EVOLVE’s musical family


Born in the seventies, Jean-Marc’s musical career began with eight years as a singer song-writer and has become one of the best known- voices in Switzerland. He has sang with many different Bands in Switzerland, Germany and the US, Bands like Big Red One, Daydreamer, Neverland, Back Street or Wicked Waltz (Pensacola USA) and more….
Jean-Marc was very happy to finally discover Evolve and play the sound he loves and he now feels like being in a new family.
Let the journey begin!


As a guitarist, my dream has always to create a band into which I can channel my inspiration. My musical and lyrical ideas are intertwined through the theme of life’s mysteries. I hope to promote consciousness by exploring certain truths of existence and infusing notes of positivity and hope (if hope is possible!). I have been extremely blessed to have at my side my friends and fellow collaborators Cédric and Benny, their talents are extraordinary. They share my vision and walk the same artistic path, Together we nourish the creative seed and cultivate the borne fruit that is the world of EVOLVE.


It was 1984 when I bought a second bass guitar and a 30 watt amplifier and began to learn how to play bass guitar. After experiencing an Iron Maiden concert in 1986 I understood that I had this musical passion in my blood. Following various unproductive musical experiences came the day that I met Patrick and Benny. There was an immediate musical and amicable chemistry. EVOLVE was born.


I am passionate about Keyboards and Synthesisers and started playing in my first band at the age of thirteen – music became my life.

Joining EVOLVE in 2005 has allowed me to more fully realize and express my music.



Passionate about music since a young age, today it takes centre stage in my life. The energy released by the band on stage and the synergy of the compositions define EVOLVE`s atmosphere and allow the realisation of my dreams.